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A Dark Salute to all you Elegant Creature of the night Prince Syu & the House of Noir Welcome you to the DARK side of Fashion We are a Gothic Lolita, Elegant Aristocratic and A punk rad Conundrum of Designs.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Greetings to ye fine gentlemen and ye fine ladies.

We of the House of Noir are honored to welcome you to Prince Noir Designs.

  Here at Prince Noir Designs,
we design Gothic and Lolita clothing
inspired by the 10th century Victorian era,
the macabre, the bizarre, and all religion.
We also design Gothic and Lolita Punk and Bittersweet. 

  For this summer/fall, we shall be designing a series of collections. Our first collection is titled “JUDAS the Horned Betrayer”.  Our first inspiration behind our collection was a spark of curiosity of the whole idea and wondering of the betrayal of Jesus Christ.The spark of “why did Judas betray Jesus?”

There are only two reasons why a person would betray a most beloved friend on such a grand scale.
One being jealousy, the other being love.

 This concept sparked interest to a certain extent; however, we never got inspired to pursue to do it until the release of Lady Gaga’s “Judas”. We were blown away by the song and music video and the passion for our collection ignited.

 From this point, we decided to call it “JUDAS the Horned Betrayer”. We thought it would be interesting to use something that is naturally a concept used in couture fashion and apply it to Gothic and Lolita fashion instead.

We created a little story and six characters, which are what each of our outfits are based on in our collection.
The first character is Jesus
(The King of Gold and Light)
The second character is Mary Magdalene
(Judgment of the Harlot)
The third character is the Dark Disciple
The fourth character is the Nun
The fifth character is the Holy Fool
The sixth character is Judas himself
(The Horned Betrayer)

We are still debating on adding the seventh character, whom we named The Child of Stigmata. However, we are still unsure depending on the time frame we have. We plan on presenting “JUDAS the Horned Betrayer” collection at a fashion show that will be hosted in the Bay Area or Sacramento some time in August or September. Details have yet to be established by Laura L. Witzig, co-founder of the Synchro Group. Hopefully once they have chosen a date and location, we shall inform everyone when we will be debuting our fashion show.

Until then, stay dark and elegant.
Prince Noir

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


           1st place : Zombieplaything.(top picture Cleo Hillman)                  2nd Place: sensaina_bara(bottom picture Milou Nonette)

Winners of Best in Black!

1st Place Winner receives Free headdress matching the winning outfit!!  2nd Place Winner Receives 40% off on 1 selected item of the Winner's choosing. Can be used at any time.

June 1st 2011


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

100+ Friends on Facebook Contest REMINDER

 The Competition Ends Tonight at Midnight!! Pacific Time. Last Minute Entries will be accepted!
Our shop will be open tomorrow 12pm. For the first Day,  people who like our page will receive a 10% Discount~ ♥Fanime booth went amazingly~♥ So The remainder of our Stock, plus more will be on our online shop ~ ♥

Stay Dark my Lieblings and we hope we see you soon


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Secret Password Discount

Darklings on our Blogger take a Gander at this Secret Password, "Trust me, Im the Doctor" Say these Delicate words to us at the Booth at Fanime and get a Special Discount. Just to show our love to our Lieblings.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

100+ Friends on Facebook Contest!!

100+ Friends on Facebook Contest!

We are about to reach 100 friends on Facebook! It has only been a couple days when we started but already we have surpassed our expectations and to Thank all of you Lovely Darklings we will be holding a Contest of all Contest of Rad-tastic and Epic Proportions.

For you see my Little Leiblings we Love you.

"Best in Black"

Show one picture of your BEST Coordinate. Lolita/Gothic outfits using only the colors: 
Black, White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red.

Who so ever wins will receive a beautiful headdress to match the gorgeous ensemble presented to us.

The Rules go as such:
1. Only One photo is allowed, not a collection of photos in one picture.  
2. Only use the colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red
3. One entry per person

Submitting the photo:
1. Email Prince_Noir@ymail.com
2. Include your Name, Email, Facebook and/or Livejournal name
(and if Neither then let us know)
3. Send the photo as an Attachment

Submit Your Photos from Now - June 1st

We will be announcing the winner on June 2nd

Good Luck my Dark Beauties

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Welcome to Prince Noir's Blog"

Hello, A Dark Salute to you Fine Gentleman and Ladies.

As suggested by our Noble and Elegant peers of the EGL community, we decided in fact that it was a brilliantly magnificent idea to have both facebook and blog and so here we are on this blog, blogging about our bloggy blogging stuff. (That thought got away from me for a minute)

So those of you who find Facebook so repulsive that you almost want to slice your own bloomers into shreds. (GASP) We decided to create this blog for you. Our Dark Lovelies. 
We hope you find this suitable to your tastes, we worked hard and tiredly on the layout. We will update you on the regular on this blog but Facebook followers will get the updates first because we love to post photos of our Elegantly EVIL creations on such a simple site.

Please do Subscribe and Enjoy
We are here to Please but You.

Stay Elegant Darklings.